Deliciosa y Jugosa comida Española: 7 of the best HALAL Cuisines in Madrid, Spain. Disfruta!

The capital of Spain since 1562, the city of Madrid has had numerous recipes and influences from all regions of the globe entered into its kitchen. It is without a doubt, a haven for foodies thanks to its unpretentious food scene filled with hearty, savoury dishes. It’s quite extraordinary that a single city of 3.27 … Continue reading Deliciosa y Jugosa comida Española: 7 of the best HALAL Cuisines in Madrid, Spain. Disfruta!


24 hours in Santorini, Greece

Aegean Airlines Airbus A320 arrived and the next hour and 25 minutes was filled with power naps and constantly questioning my choices in how I decide to spend my weekends. I mean, realistically, who does this? In the past 24 hours, this little hijabi had coffee in Vienna and lunch in Athens, dragging an entire suitcase, alone and insanely tired. I’m borderline regretting this already. It’s pretty dark outside; no lights, just sea. The only sound is from the deafening propeller engines constantly humming and dipping to their own tune. Soothing.

Discover Greece: Ultimate Guide to Visas, Getting Around, Safety and Local laws.

Notorious for its dated and archaic classical Greek architecture, Greece is also prominent for yielding Olive Oil, Honey and Mastiha Chios- something I didn’t even know and learned as I typed out this very blog post. Like me, there are things people still don’t know about this little European country, and questions don’t come quicker than when you plan to take a little trip there yourself. Be aware- some of these may just keep you out of a Greek hell!

El Bocho, Little Paris & Auld Reekie: Around the World 

I'd like to think we nickname cities because it defines the city better than the name itself, tells us a story or gives us an insight to its history. Since there are so many lists out there, I decided to make my own for personal reference. You now have access to a list of 127 cool cities, their even cooler nicknames and in the most organised format you'll ever see one. I wonder what London is?

Barcelona, Spain: Through my Specs

Listen, the ocean at night is hypnotic. You’ll crave for more. I’m a “reflector”, I like sitting back and just meditating and reflecting on what I have and finding inner peace. Quiet places appeal to me. It was perfect. We strolled around, made some Jamaican friends who we probably – by their drunken state- should not have spoken to. We grabbed food, took some pictures and leisurely laughed way into the night. 1am came. They left. I had the room to myself.